Top 3 Sit Me Up Baby Floor Seats

Top 3 Sit Me Up Baby Floor Seats

Babies grow so fast and before you know it they are no longer content to lie down happily on their baby play mat or baby gym, they want to sit up in something and look around the room, moving on to the next milestone in your baby’s development. Anytime after 3-4 months, depending on your baby, you’ll find them eager to be upright and more independent. So what do you put them in? I’ve tried and tested these top 3 sit me up floor seats for babies. Make your decisions based on the space you have available in your house and most importantly, your baby, only you know best.

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat

The Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat is a soft and comfortable seat that can easily be removed and is machine washable. The big bonus with this sit me up baby seat is that it folds away and can be stored somewhere. So if you’re limited in space or just like to put away some baby gear when it’s not in use, then the fisher price is for you. The seat come with two tether rings with attachable toys, one for teething and another for playing.

You can attach your own toys to them too. The only negative point about the seat is if you have a large baby, or as your baby gets older, it can be tricky to get them into it. I found when my son got quite big, trying to get his feet through the openings was a little difficult. That being said, it’s very roomy and provides great support. The Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat comes in a frog, giraffe, lion, a silver platter or pink color, something to suit everyone.

Mamas & Papas Baby Snug

Similar to the bumbo seat, the Mamas & Papas Baby Snug is a plastic seat that sits your  baby upright. It’s a two stage seat so as your baby grows, the inner colorful liner can be removed and the baby can just sit in the white shell. This is a great feature as you’ll get more use out of the seat if you have a bigger baby, unlike the Fisher Price Sit Me Up.

As the seat is plastic, it can easily be wiped down, so it’s extremely easy to clean. You can purchase an additional activity tray that attaches to the tray with suction pads. There are two little rubber grips, that when pulled are supposed to stick the pads to the tray. I found sometimes it didn’t stick properly and the baby was able to pull the tray off though. The Mamas & Papas Baby Snug comes in a variety of colors and isn’t that big for storing away.

Galt Toys Playnest

The Galt Toys Playnest is a giant inflatable baby sit up ring with a bright colorful machine washable cover. One thing to note is that it’s big, very very big and not easily deflated and inflated again. Compared with the other two sit me up seats, it doesn’t provide the support that the baby snug or fisher price sit me up does. Because it’s a ring, my baby tends to slip down or roll to the side a bit, where as he sits up more in the others.

Of the three it’s the easiest to put the baby into and take out quickly, so for that reason I tend to use it the most. Because it’s less restricting you can use it for younger babies to just tilt them up slightly. When the baby is able to sit up, instead of having cushions around the floor incase they topple, the Galt Toys Playnest is a fantastic choice.

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